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ProTECH Managed Services

Desktop & Server Monitoring Agent

We monitor your desktops and servers 24/7, collecting system configuration, asset information (software and hardware), Microsoft patch status, hard drive statistics, and antivirus and anti-spyware information which allows for remote support of updates, patches, uninstall routines, maintenance, remote assistance and problem resolution.

Business Anti-Virus/Spyware Scanning

Scanning runs seamlessly and automatically in the background daily to protect desktops against malware, spyware and worms.

Preventative Maintenance

We make sure all patches and system updates are routinely applied to prevent your network from being compromised by viruses, hackers, and other malevolent attacks. It’s the best solution for decreasing downtime and keeping security tight.

Asset Management & Inventory Reporting

We maintain and keep track of everything in your network and develop a comprehensive inventory of desktops, servers, software, network configurations, IT asset audits, license compliance and assisting in upgrade planning so that you can always rely on your system.

Security Patch Management

We have a custom built-in engine to scan your network for missing security patches which is applied automatically to each workstation scheduled throughout the week.

Automatic Desktop Cleanup

Your desktop is cleared of all temporary files, internet debris and cookies on a routine basis to keep your workstation in good health.

Remote Management

We can access your desktop remotely to provide support in seconds which provides a fast and cost-effective means of problem resolution. We can determine if an on-site visit is really required. No more waiting on a tech to arrive at your business to assess the problem.

Wellness Visits

A review with you a quarterly update on the health of your network, including results, up-time, a history of incidents, and proactive maintenance to give a detailed account of all activities.

Unlimited User Support / Help Desk

Help Desk if you need help with business applications, Microsoft Office, and etc., like how to setup a mail merge or create a formula in Excel. Our experienced team can assist you in a wide array of applications, formulas, training and special projects.

Vendor Management

Leave the nerd-speak to us. If your internet or wireless devices are down, contact us and we’ll call your internet or wireless vendor to resolve the issue. In most cases, we can resolve the issue faster and smoother than if you were to call the vendor yourself. Your time is valuable and this feature allows you to use that time towards growing or improving your business.

Virtual CIO

We help you make the right IT strategies and spending decisions. As your Virtual CIO, we will work with the executive management to develop an IT strategy, implement IT projects, execute IT operations and all aspects IT related.

ProTECH Services

Configuration & Compliance

Tracking and auditing of all workstations, servers, printers, routers, and mobile devices to ensure your IT assets are in compliance with all licenses and are properly configured

Patches & Updates

Automatic updating of all software patches and fixes to all devices

Threat Management

Constant monitoring and immediate remediation of critical events to safeguard your network against unexpected crashes and data loss

Software Deployment

Installation of software for all networked devices.


Detection of threats and malicious software attacks, including protection from spyware, spam and phishing scams

Backup & Storage

Comprehensive and continual data backup protection to ensure that all data on all devices is protected and recoverable

Time and Material Rates / Fixed Monthly Pricing

You can count on exceptional customer service to provide the technology support you deserve.