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Remington Computer Services provides superior service for any company’s system needs.  They provided my office with virus protection, automated backup and terrific networking capabilities.  Any issues that arise are resolved quickly and professionally.  Mickey and Anna are great to work with, and facilitate contact with their third-party providers so that everything is seamless.  

I am very happy that I use Remington Computer Services for all my computer requirements.

Terri McVey, Business Manager
Optative Group LLC

I’ve got too much blood, sweat and tears invested in my business to risk losing valuable and irretrievable data. I can’t imagine the time I would waste trying to recreate important documents.  But, no longer do I have to be concerned. Remington Computer Services data backup provides me with the peace of mind knowing that when the crash happens, my data can be restored quickly and easily.

Remington also handles all of my other computer needs. I’ve purchased hardware and software after receiving expert advice and guidance from Mickey Pazienza as to what would best meet my needs. And, I call to seek technical advice when I am often mystified by computer complexities.  

I consider Mickey an important part of my team.

David Nash

Remington Computer Services has been integral in developing and implementing IT plans for both the immediate and long term needs of our Agency. I am extremely pleased and impressed with their dedication and broad knowledge base.

The attention to detail, and more importantly, Remington’s understanding of our specific technical needs, has allowed our Agency to maximize productivity, which directly impacts our bottom line. Their proactive approach addresses IT issues before they become a problem. Their outstanding tech support brings immediate problem resolution and enables us to continue working and providing services to our customers without interruption.

Plain and simple, we cannot be at our optimal best without Remington Computer Services.

Antonella Ricciotti, CIC
A. Ricciotti Insurance Associates

As a busy chiropractic office, I depend on my computer network to run smoothly.  I cannot have any technical issues that would impact my patient schedule.  One day the worst happened.  My computer got slow and then seemed to shut down completely.  Normally I would call my husband who has a lot of technical knowledge but this time I called Remington Computer Services.  Mickey Pazienza was such a calming voice on the phone and assured me that she and her team would take care of the problem immediately.  Brett came to my office within minutes with a loaner computer and saved all my files to it just as the hard drive on my old computer was failing.

Thankfully I could conduct business using the spare computer with no interruption whatsoever.  When the new computer that Mickey ordered for me came in, Brett transferred all my files to it seamlessly and I had no issues with the new setup.  My practice did not experience one minute of down-time and my patients were not inconvenienced in any way.

I cannot rave enough about the professionalism of Remington Computer Services and the expert attention I got from Mickey and her team.

Dr. Lorri Haber-DiBoni
Haber-DiBoni Chiropractic

Hi Mickey,

April is such a sweetheart.  You have two great technicians on your staff.  You are lucky and we are happy to be working with you.

Cheryl Farpelha, Office Manager
Hines Dermatology